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Get caught up in my tale of discovery and faith. I am Kyle Alexander, a Christian fiction author and creator of Badass Christian: Generational Mysfunction.

Coming to Faith

Badass Christian: Generational Mysfunction is unlike any other motivational book. Penned by Kyle Alexander, it talks about how Jesus uses the most unexpected people and circumstances to help us discover our personal faith.


Learn About Me

I am a writer and motivational speaker based in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. My brainchild is the inspirational book Badass Christian: Generational Mysfunction, which talks about finding one’s personal faith. One of the best things about being able to finish writing the book is finally being able to put my thoughts on paper and to share them with other people.

Apart from being a writer and a public speaker, I am also an artist. I am about to be in a play, details will be available on my website soon.

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Contact me at (844) 333-5010 or leave a comment for an inspirational book that may help you grow in Christ.

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